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(205) ATEX Tankscope II Multi-Gas Detector

ATEX Tankscope II Multi-Gas Detector

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ATEX Tankscope II Multi-Gas Detector

compact, easy to use multi gas detector

The Tankscope II ATEX multi-gas detector is designed for measurement of hydrocarbon gas in crude oil cargo tanks that use inert gas systems. The Tankscope gas meter combines reliability with high-tech features and can measure up to five gases simultaneously including oxygen. The Tankscope II ATEX gas detector is designed for use in Chemical tankers, crude oil cargo tanks, pre-entry checks in tanks, LNG/LPG tankers, bulk carriers and as a personal monitor for tank maintenance and cleaning.

The Tankscope II Multi-gas detector has multi-language display options with easy to read short texts. The Tankscope II ATEX gas detector has a durable, carbon-filled nylon case. The Tankscope gas detector is extremely robust and resistant against corrosive gas and saltwater. The Tankscope II multi-gas meter uses standard data logging, all data can be accessed via the Orion link software on your computer giving the option to present the data as tables or graphs and protocols.

The most application specific multi-gas detector

The Tankscope II Multi-gas detector has the largest fully graphic LCD of its kind. The high contrast , bright, homogenous background lighting makes sure the text is easy to read and all the gas readings are displayed simultaneously. The Tankscope II gas meter has up to four alarm levels per channel. The Tankscope II Multi-gas detector has a built-in continuous running pump with electrical Perma -Check function. For remote sampling, a multi- filter system protects the pump and sensors from dust and water.

The Tankscope II Multi-gas detector comes with either a rechargeable NiMH or disposable alkaline battery pack. Both can be changed in hazardous areas. The TankscopeII Gas meter has a battery life of 11 hours. The Tankscope ATEX Gas detector has an extensive accessory range including a protective case, battery charger, floating probe and sampling line in customised length up to 30 metres. The Tankscope II ATEX Multi-gas detector has the latest norms such as ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and the MED 96/98/EC.


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