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  1. Toughpix 2301XP Replacement Fuse Kit
    The Toughpix 2300 Replacement Fuse Kit consists of a pack of 10, 1.25A fuses to replace the overcurrent protection fuse built into the Toughpix 2300XP battery pack. The Toughpix 2300XP battery packs incorporate a matched, replaceable fuse covered by ATEX certification. The protection fuse pack incorporates 10 replacement fuses along with fuse replacement tool.
  2. Toughpix 2300XP Charging Station

    The Toughpix 2300 Charging Station consists of 1-bay battery charger for the NiMH battery pack. The single-bay battery charger can be desk or wall mounted and is supplied complete with a power supply and the following adaptors: UK, US, EU & AU.

  3. Toughpix 2300XP Power Supply

    Toughpix 2300XP Power Supply uses multi-stage charging technology to reduce overall charge time whilst providing continuing trickle charge for continuous top-up without battery damage.

  4. Toughpix 2300XP Lens Kit

    The Toughpix 2300XP Lens Kit extends the capability of the standard camera by offering both a close up (macro) lens able to focus 50mm-100mm from an object and a 45 Degree Wide Angle lens. The macro lens enables crystal clear images of small objects such as serial number or rating plates and the wide angle lens offers a single image view of large scenes from restricted areas such as offshore platforms.

  5. Toughpix 2300XP Battery Fixing Kit

    These stainless steel, high strength fixings can be used to replace those supplied to secured the battery to the camera body. The Toughpix 2300XP replacement fixing kit comprises 1 complete set of securing screws required to hold the battery pack in place. Also provided is a removal/replacement tool.

  6. Toughpix 2300XP USB Communication Wand

    This high speed cable is used to download images and movies from a Centurion XP series camera to a PC. The Toughpix 2300XP USB communication wand provides high speed USB communication and has been tested to operate effectively with Toughpix 2300XP Digital Camera.

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6 Item(s)

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