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  1. TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM Explosion Proof Camera TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM Explosion Proof Camera
    TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM Explosion Proof Camera

    Professional features in pocket sized package. The TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM is a ruggedized, compact, high resolution digital imaging camera capable of capturing true 5MP visual images along with fully radiometric thermal images making this camera your go-to tool for fault finding, documentation whether your work is HVAC, building envelope inspections, electrical repair or facility maintenance. Weighing in at under 400g, the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM Is the lightest in class making it easier than ever to carry and transport. Dimensions as follows: Width: 113mm Height: 76mm Width: 45mm

    *U can make thermographic pictures and normal pictures with the TOUGHPIX DIGIHERM camera!

  2. Orbit X Explosion Proof Wi-Fi Camera

    This camera is the smartest and most versatile intrinsically safe camera ever made. The Orbit X can be used for streaming, video conferencing and recording in full HD. The camera is certified according to IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 as well as CSA Class 1 Zone 1.

  3. ATEX Rugged TC7150 NRTL Infrared Camera

    NRTL Certified, high performance intrinsically safe infrared camera with on-board 13.5Mhz RFID scanner, SMART IR Window compatibility, articulating lens and ultra long life interchangeable battery pack.

  4. ATEX Zone 1 Digital Intrinsically Safe( video) Camera Gravity X

    This intrinsically safe digital camera is designed to help you take high quality images where no other cameras are allowed. The Gravity X intrinsically safe camera is ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 and Zone 2, as well as CSA Class 1, Zone 1 (for US and Canada). 

  5. ATEX Pipe Camera Inspection System P571 Ex

    Limited available!
    The P571Ex Flexicoiler is an ATEX explosion-proof inspection camera for carrying out inspections in a Zone 1 area.

  6. ATEX iCam 502 Autofocus Digital Camera

    The brand new iCAM502 Autofocus is a Zone 0 intrinsically safe digicam and is the perfect visualisation tool to be used in hazardous areas. Able to take pin-sharp images from as near as 5cm, the iCAM502 is ideal for rating plates, wiring cabinets and general inspections. ATEX and IECEx certified, the iCAM502 works extremely well in most sectors of industry including Chemical & Pharmaceutical plants, Oil & Gas production platforms, Refineries and Mining to name just a few.

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