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  1. Ex-PMR 1000 Mobile Radio

    Safe and reliable communication is an important aspect in Ex-hazardous areas. Stringent requirements have to be satisfied by all radio transceivers used, to ensure a safe communication, even over long distances.

    The ecom Ex-PMR 1000 portable radio transceiver was developed specifically for this purpose. Featuring ATEX certification the device complies with the very latest standards and can be used in Zones 1 and 2, or 22.

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  2. (EOL) Charger for Ex PMR 1000


    Power adaptor and charger (UK or EU) for the Ex PMR 1000


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  3. Charger for Ex PMR 2000

    A powerfull adapter for the Ex-PMR 200 Mobile Radio. This contains one Ex-PMR 200 Mobile Radio Adapter for the Mobile Radio battery. This adapter can be used in UK aswell as in the EU. 

  4. ATEX Frontline Communicator Conference System

    The Frontline Communicator EX is a ruggedised and ATEX Zone 2 certified version of the Frontline Communicator. It's certified for use in potentially hardardous environments. Carefully designed to be hands free,  wireless and to meet the needs of multiple working environment, the Frontline Communicator EX offers unparalleled mobility.

  5. ATEX Digital Portable Radio Hytera PD795 Ex

    The ATEX Digital Portable Radio is a fully compliant digital portable radio up to standard of ETSI, comes to be the world's First IIC Atex Digital Portable Radio. The is up to FM, IEC and ATEX standards, plastic- encapsulated technology, has an error- prevention design, is IP67 protected and has reliable communication in hazardous scenes with explosive gas and combustible dusts.

  6. ATEX Entel HT900 Advanced Signalling Keypad

    The Entel HT900 ATEX provides feature rich and flexible communications including FFSK signalling, variable point voice scrambler, channel scanning, shunting mode, personal attack alarm, whisper mode and lone worker. As options man down, Bluetooth and GPS automatic location information are available. 

  7. ATEX Zone 1 Sonim IS RSM C-C550
    ATEX Zone 1 Sonim IS RSM C-C550
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  8. ATEX Z1 Ex-TRA 80* Aurelis Speaker Microphone
    Features Loud and clear communication due to low noise amplifier Connector for external accessories Detachable clip Emergency button Three stage volume regulator
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  9. Atex Entel HT900 Advanced With Keypad

    For systems communications requirements, the advanced signalling 255 channel HT9X6 is an elite product, providing feature rich and flexible communications. Features include FFSK signalling, as well as variable point voice scrambler, channel scanning, shunting mode, personal attack alarm, whisper mode and lone worker. 

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  10. Atex Entel HT953 PMR446

    For those requiring a PMR446 ATEX portable with a high visibility back-lit LCD, the HT953 with its no compromise build specification, is the most cost effective solution. From an established generation of commercial grade portables, the fully submersible IP68 HT Series 2.0 is designed to operate in the most hostile environments and with its MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F construction and exceptionally loud audio, is the choice of the fire & rescue services and major blue-chip petrochem organisations worldwide.

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