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  1. ATEX Entel HT900 Advanced Signalling Keypad

    The Entel HT900 ATEX provides feature rich and flexible communications including FFSK signalling, variable point voice scrambler, channel scanning, shunting mode, personal attack alarm, whisper mode and lone worker. As options man down, Bluetooth and GPS automatic location information are available. 

  2. ATEX Digital Portable Radio Hytera PD795 Ex

    The ATEX Digital Portable Radio is a fully compliant digital portable radio up to standard of ETSI, comes to be the world's First IIC Atex Digital Portable Radio. The is up to FM, IEC and ATEX standards, plastic- encapsulated technology, has an error- prevention design, is IP67 protected and has reliable communication in hazardous scenes with explosive gas and combustible dusts.

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