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  1. Getac V100 -Ex External USB DVD Dual Drive

    The Getac V100 -Ex External USB DVD Dual Drive enables the ATEX Laptop to read standard CD and DVD's. The Getac V100 -Ex External USB DVD Dual Drive ATEX Laptop Drive supports the possibility to write to disks in multiple formats.

  2. Getac V100 -Ex Carry Bag

    Soft bag for carrying the ATEX V100 -Ex Laptop Notebook.

  3. Getac V100 -Ex Carry Case

    Getac V100 -Ex ATEX Zone 2 Laptop Hard Carry Case made out of aluminium for transport or shipment, protects the V100 -Ex Laptop from all hits and hints.

  4. Getac V100 -Ex Office Docking Station

    The Getac V100 -Ex ATEX Laptop Office Docking Station provides all relevant interfaces for business communication like, Ethernet, keyboard, serial, external monitor and audio. Can be fixed mounted on a surface. Needs seperate power supply. Charges the internal battery pack. Delivered with EU power cord. Order country specifiec power supply separately.

  5. Getac V100 -Ex Vehicle Mount

    Getac V100 -Ex ATEX Laptop Vehicle Mount kit including Car Adapter and Bracket Docking Mount for quick connection and use in logistics.

  6. Getac V100 -Ex Vehicle Dock with Adapter and Bracket

    A fix mounting docking station solution which keeps the ATEX Getac V100 -Ex Laptop right in place even on dirty tracks and harsh environments.

  7. Getac V100 -Ex Car Adapter

    Getac V100 -Ex 12V -30 Car adapter usable in cars.

  8. Getac V100 -Ex Battery Charger

    Single 240~ VAC battery charger for charging spare batteries without device or docking station. Country specific AC power cord needs to be ordered seperately.

Grid List

8 Item(s)

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