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  1. Rugged Algiz XRW Intrinsically Safe Notebook

    The Algiz XRW  Notebook is a revolutionary new intrinsically safe notebook. This ultra rugged notebook combines unparalleled performance with an ergonomic, lightweight and compact design.

  2. ATEX Laptop PC Ex ul1604




    The ATEX Tablet Laptop can be transformed from Laptop to a Tablet PC with only one quick rotation. The ATEX Master-Ex Laptop has been equipped with an innovative touch screen in a magnesium alloy case including a shockprotected HDD. The ATEX Tablet PC is vibration and drop resistant. The ATEX Laptop PC has sealed I/O caps and doors to prevent damage from solid particles and moisture.

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  3. Getac V100 -Ex Battery Charger

    Single 240~ VAC battery charger for charging spare batteries without device or docking station. Country specific AC power cord needs to be ordered seperately.

  4. Getac V100 -Ex Car Adapter

    Getac V100 -Ex 12V -30 Car adapter usable in cars.

  5. Getac V100 -Ex Vehicle Dock with Adapter and Bracket

    A fix mounting docking station solution which keeps the ATEX Getac V100 -Ex Laptop right in place even on dirty tracks and harsh environments.

  6. Getac V100 -Ex Vehicle Mount

    Getac V100 -Ex ATEX Laptop Vehicle Mount kit including Car Adapter and Bracket Docking Mount for quick connection and use in logistics.

  7. Getac V100 -Ex Office Docking Station

    The Getac V100 -Ex ATEX Laptop Office Docking Station provides all relevant interfaces for business communication like, Ethernet, keyboard, serial, external monitor and audio. Can be fixed mounted on a surface. Needs seperate power supply. Charges the internal battery pack. Delivered with EU power cord. Order country specifiec power supply separately.

  8. Getac V100 -Ex Carry Case

    Getac V100 -Ex ATEX Zone 2 Laptop Hard Carry Case made out of aluminium for transport or shipment, protects the V100 -Ex Laptop from all hits and hints.

  9. Getac V100 -Ex Carry Bag

    Soft bag for carrying the ATEX V100 -Ex Laptop Notebook.

  10. Getac V100 -Ex External USB DVD Dual Drive

    The Getac V100 -Ex External USB DVD Dual Drive enables the ATEX Laptop to read standard CD and DVD's. The Getac V100 -Ex External USB DVD Dual Drive ATEX Laptop Drive supports the possibility to write to disks in multiple formats.

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