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  1. ATEX Flameproof Wireless Battery Powered PC Panel

    The Explorer-WiFi is a battery powered mobile and wireless version of the market leading Explorer Panel PC. Designed for applications where the operator needs to move around a plant with a PC and interface with the main control system. 

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  2. ATEX CHALLENGER 15i/18i/22i Extremely Safe PC Terminal
    The Challenger PC terminal provides operators in the plant with a full function PC interface for displaying and operating any software running on a conventional IBM compatible PC or UNIX box with VGA/PS2 connections. The intrinsically safe system can be installed in Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous areas meaning the software application can easily be installed right next to the process.
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  3. ATEX Zone 1 PC workstation iSiS800

    The iSiS-Ex range of industrial PCs for use in the hazardous area consists of the iSiS800 and iSiS900. With no requirement for purging, all iSiS computer models are ATEX certified for use as HMIs in Zones 1 and 2.

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  4. ET-687 24" WU (1920 x 1200)

    The standard ET-687 version comes without touch screen, but is also available with intuitive glass or foil touch screen. All displays are lead-, cadmium-, and mercury-free – we take GREEN TECHNOLOGY seriously. For keyboard operation, a plastic-coated Windows keyboard with integrated pointing device is available, e.g. trackball, joystick, touch pad or mouse, which can be operated with one or two hands.

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  5. Explorer PC Panel i15/i18

    Explorer PC Panel

    The EXPLORER series of panel PCs for use in hazardous areas for the difficult environmental conditions, as they are well suited to the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech and food industry.
    All control and display components (display, touch screen, trackball, joystick, keyboard, etc.) can be adjusted according to the requirements of the application.
    The intrinsically safe designed for panel mounting elements are certified for Ex Zone 1/2 (gas) and 21/22 (dust) and can be integrated into our own housing, custom enclosures and cabinets.
    In addition to the Ethernet interface, the EXPLORER Panel PC USB, RS232, RS422 and RS485 interfaces to connect to other components such as WLAN or BLUETOOTH antennas or scanner.



     GECMA Explorer PDF

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  6. ATEX Video Monitor iVID101

    The iVID101 unit consists of a 12.1 TFT LCD display mounted inside an Ex d enclosure with a glass viewing window.The unit can be connected to various types of video input signals including the iCAM100 video camera & also other types of CCTV cameras. A 24VDC power output is available to power the iCAM100 camera or alternative types of equipment including other manufacturers CCTV cameras. 

  7. Azonix ProPanel PRO4500 Z1

    The Axonic ProPanel PRO4500 Z1 is the ultimate hazardous-areas mountable workstation. Thanks to the 15 inch sunlight-readable LED backlit display you can even see what's on the display when the display is in full sunlight. It's also an projected, capacitive, glass-based touchscreen.

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  8. ATEX Challenger Remote PC Terminal


    This product is EOL (End Of Life)


    The ATEX Remote PC Terminal is an intrinsically safe PC terminal for Ex Zone 1 / Zone 2 and Zone 22. The PC makes use of modular principle incorporating the most diverse components in the industry. The ATEX Remote PC Terminal is the perfect solution for pharmacy, chemistry, life science, oil & gas, incineration plants, alcohol processing and the food industries.

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