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  1. ATEX Zone 1 PC With IP65 Rating

    ATEX II 2G Ex px II T4 PC for use Ex Zone 1, Group IIC T4 with IP65. The Atex PC is made out of 2.0 mm thick steel, the atex pc has a reinforced bottom case with standpipe for an optional 1.50m long stainless steel standpipe. The Atex PC has a front access part special double lip seal and airtight door. The Atex PC comes with built-in 19-inch Samsung LCD monitor which is easily replaceable. The Atex Zone 1 PC is completely built in and comes with the best and newest hardware. Atex Zone 1 PC has a built in ex- industrial ps/2 keyboard with touchpad, and external side-mounted bracket for the laser scanner including pre-mounted laser scanner SK 200 with high elastic extendable coiled cable, up to 5 meters long.

  2. (Last in stock!) ATEX Cordless USB Keyboard FT40

    Last Cordless keyboard in stock!

    The ATEX USB Cordless Keyboard is suitable for hazardous areas zone 1 and zone 2. The keyboard has an integrated mouse and 24 function keys to give easy access to the most advanced applications. The ATEX Cordless USB keyboard requires no installation of cables and has a longer transmission range then cabled keyboards, it requires a transceiver plugged into the USB port of a PC like a memory stick. 

  3. ATEX Zone 2 15 inch panel PC
    • Dual Broadcom BCM57780 GbE controller
    • For I/O part to be IP65, it's suggested to use LAN/USB/COM only 
    • Completely sealed, IP65 (NEMA 4X) grade. 
    • Widely used in chemical industry, food industry, medical devices, appliances etc. with good corrosion resistance
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  4. ATEX Flameproof Wireless Battery Powered PC Panel

    The Explorer-WiFi is a battery powered mobile and wireless version of the market leading Explorer Panel PC. Designed for applications where the operator needs to move around a plant with a PC and interface with the main control system. 

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  5. Atex zone 1 Keyboard PS/2 / IP65

    * EX-approval II 2G, EEx ib IIC T4, DMT 01 ATEX E 177
    * Stainless-steel enclosure
    * Rugged construction for reliable functionality
    * Chemical, abrasion and scratch resistant frontsheet
    * IP65 (NEMA 4x) sealing 

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5 Item(s)

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