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  1. ATEX Video Monitor iVID101

    The iVID101 unit consists of a 12.1 TFT LCD display mounted inside an Ex d enclosure with a glass viewing window.The unit can be connected to various types of video input signals including the iCAM100 video camera & also other types of CCTV cameras. A 24VDC power output is available to power the iCAM100 camera or alternative types of equipment including other manufacturers CCTV cameras. 

  2. ATEX Zone 2 Barracuda BOP Industrial Computer

    Azonix is introducing the Barracuda BOP, an application specific rig floor computer with integrated features required in blowout preventer surface systems. This workstation ahs a 19 inch LCD large enough to display clearly in one screen all the critical information, such as the complete Christmas tree, thereby avoiding the need to toggle between multiple screens. The unit has a hardware button that enables and disables the touch screen, avoiding unsolicited touches that can affect the process. The Barracuda BOP has redundant communication via copper and fiber running Ethernet, Profibus and

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  3. ATEX Zone 2 Barracuda Rugged IP66 Workstation

    The Azonix Barracuda 15" WS solves the industry’s need for a high performance computing platform that is both rugged and mobile enough to operate in extreme conditions. Many rugged mobile computers have failed under the same harsh conditions that the Azonix Barracuda is designed to thrive in.

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  4. EW218 Panel PC ,18.5" , Zone 2
    EW218 Panel IPC MITX: SDRAM with DDR3 technology, less consumption but faster than DDR2 Connection device on SATA 3.0, transfer baud rate up to 6.0 Gb/s PCI /PCIe slot available Embedded and long availability Intel processors, based on 3rd and 4th Generation LCD wide-screen with LED backlit, 40% extra display surface
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