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  1. ATEX Freddy DS 1505 Vacuum Cleaner Zone 22

    The DS1505 ATEX Vacuum Cleaner is a compact vacuum unit equipped with a side channel pump which is installed directly on the top of the machine. The DS1505 ATEX Vacuum Cleaner is suitable to collect many types of solid and dusty materials and can work continuosly with the addition of a liquid lever sensor, which gives the DS1505 ATEX Vacuum Cleaner the option to collect liquids

  2. ATEX Dustmaster 8000 Vacuum Cleaner

    The Dustmaster 8000 ATEX Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for use in processes where dusts are very fine or have to meet specific emission levels. The ATEX Vacuum Cleaner dustmaster plate filters are of a particularly compact design and provide very high efficiency separation together with a very long filter life. 

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  3. ATEX Kiekens C335 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Zone 22

    The Kiekens C335 ATEX Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is an ergonomically designed ATEX Vacuum Cleaner that is characterised by a very high filtration and a strong suction power with a low noise level. 

  4. ATEX Pneumatic Hole Drilling Machine

    The ATEX Pneumatic Hole Drilling Machine rotabroach eagle RD130C is a pneumatic drilling machine that is ideal for use in environment's where an electrical supply is not available or in hazardous environments.

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  5. ATEX Industrial Vacuum Cleaner IVB 7 X excl. vloermondstuk

    The ATEX Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a EC drive motor system and can be used in Zone 22. The ATEX Industrial Cleaner is equipped with a washable fleece filter element for easy maintenance and has a 70 litre stainless steel container with tilt or lft off and a robust steel frame. 

  6. ATEX High Pressure Washer Dual Voltage

    The ATEX Hot Pressure Washer is a Zone 1 certified pressure washer. The pressure washer operates with a brook hansen motor and a HT 3 Piston Interpump. It can clean surfaces with 2100 PSI at 15 litres per minute. The ATEX Washer has an IP55 certification and is weather and dust proof.

  7. 650294 650294
    SMART IR Window - IW4000 100mm (4")
    CorDEX SMART Infrared Windows are used to perform fast and safe infrared surveys of electrical equipment across all industry sectors. The IW4000 IR Window is the best of the best. When your priority is maximum flexibility and usability coupled with longevity and safety, the IW4000 100mm (4”) SMART IR Window is the obvious solution. Incorporating all of the features of the smaller versions with the benefit of even greater viewing area, the IW4000 is the ultimate IR Window solution.
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