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  1. ATEX BKEx Zone 1 Battery Box

    A rugged stainless steel rechargeable battery enclosure for use in the hazardous area. The enclosure can be used in mobile or fixed applications and is fitted with an ATEX certified outlet socket for easy connection to the equipment. The enclosure cannot be recharged in the hazardous area.

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  2. ATEX SS Battery Enclosure iBATT101 Zone 1

    A rugged battery enclosure constructed from 316L stainless steel for use in the hazardous area.

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  3. ATEX Hinged Terminal Enclosure

    The iTB hinged standard Ex e enclosure range provides a modern, robust and cost effective solution for hazardous and heavy industrial use.

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  4. CUBO X ATEX Ex e stainless steel junction box

    The CUBO X is an ATEX Zone 1 certified stainless steel enclosure that can be used in an ATEX environment. The enclosure is suitable for Ex i, Ex e and Ex tD protection types.

    The product can be used in temperatures from -55 Degrees celsius to +40 Degrees celsius. The protection the is IP66, and you can choose for IP67.


  5. ATEX Battery Enclosure iBATT100 Zone 1

    The ATEX Battery Enclosure iBATT100 as a zone 1 battery with battery enclosure for use in zone 1 hazardous area applications such as oil and gas platform, refineries, wellheads and gas pipelines. The iBATT100 is a wall mounted durable battery enclosure with a lockable hinged door.

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  6. ATEX GUB Flameproof Enclosure

    The ATEX GUB Flameproof Enclosure is a new series of enclosures for control, check, signal, automation, interruption and/or protection units is Ex d IIC certified. The Intrinsically Safe GUB Flameproof Enclosure is suitable for elecric and/or electronic equipment and terminals for the link to the outside circuits

  7. ATEX EEx d IIC / IIB Explosion Proof Enclosure

    The ATEX TNCD Enclosure compromises of many standard sizes of enclosures manufactured in SS316 Acid Resistant Stainless steel, this to give the maximum environmental protection. The Intrinsically Safe TNCD Enclosure allows for standard electrical components inside. 

  8. ATEX TNXCD Intrinsically Safe Enclosure

    The ATEX Cylindrical Enclosure is manufactured in acid resistant stainless steel, SS316, is more cost efficient then traditional EEx d enclosures. The design makes the ATEX Cylindrical Enclosure easy to install and use, and allows for simple solutions within numerous different applications.

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