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  1. Explosion proof universal programmable converter & transmitter

    TPI-SI 40

    mA / mV / V input
    Insulated analog output
    fast version F:
    shorter response time

  2. ATEX Power Supply ZGT-12 Zone M2

    ZGT-12 intrinsically-safe power supply for mining. Available in versions providing nominal current of 0.8A, 1.2A or 2A and supply nominal Voltages: 24V, 42V, 133V or 230V AC 50Hz.

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  3. ATEX Power Supply ZGP-12

    ZGP-12 intrinsically-safe power supply with battery back-up for mining.

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  4. ATEX SS Battery Enclosure iBATT101 Zone 1

    A rugged battery enclosure constructed from 316L stainless steel for use in the hazardous area.

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Grid List

4 Item(s)

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