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  1. Tri-axial Vibration and Temperature Sensor zone 1 Tri-axial Vibration and Temperature Sensor zone 1
    Tri-axial Vibration and Temperature Sensor zone 1

    • Flexible condition monitoring system with vibration analysis, process
    parameters, visual inspection, thermography and oil analysis capabilities
    • Turn any Android tablet or Smartphone into a powerful
    condition monitoring data collector
    • Automatic fault diagnostic assistant advises on common
    vibration problems (similar level to a Category II vibration analyst)
    • Bluetooth® 3-axis vibration and temperature sensor
    • Available with ATEX and IECEx certification
    • Additional support for Category II, III and IV available from
    our expert condition monitoring analysts

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  2. ATEX Smoke Detector SLR-E-IS

    The ATEX Smoke Detector is designed for use in hazardous areas and is a removeable, high performance smoke detector with twin fire LEDs allowing for 360 degrees viewing. Each detector incorporates a unique high performance chamber technology removing the need for the use of ionisation detectors. 

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  3. ATEX Altair 4X Multi-Gas detector

    The ATEX Multigas Detector brings multigas detectors to a new level by offering a combination of features you won't find in other models. The ATEX Multigas Detector is the only multigas detector with an optional MotionAlert feature if a user should become disabled due to unforeseen hazards or injury. When enabled, the MotionAlert feature will activate if the instrument does not detect any movement for 30 seconds, and is ideal for confined space entry applications. 

  4. ATEX Orion Plus Multi-Gas Detector

    The ATEX Orion Plus Multi-Gas Detector is an advanced and highly flexible portable gas detector perfect for detecting the presence of over 20 different gases. The Gas Detector is useful in many different applications as a personal monitor for pre-entry checks. The ATEX Multi-Gas Detector includes data logging, a built-in sampling pump and an easy-grip, durable case.

  5. ATEX GasAlert MicroClip Multi-Gas detector

    The ATEX GasAlert MicroClip Multi-Gas detector offers a slim and compact design which provides affordable protection from atmospheric hazards. Using simple one-button operation, the ATEX Multi-Gas Detector offers ease of use and reduces training time. The ATEX Multi-Gas Detector can be used as a standard datalogger and eventlogger. 

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