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  1. ATEX Handheld Airflow Meter AirWolf II

    The ATEX Handheld Airflow Meter AirWolf II is a hand-held air velocity sensor which has been tested an proven over a long duration in harsh South African underground mining conditions. The Intrinsically Safe  Handheld Airflow Meter AirWolf II uses the Vortex Shredding principle to accurately measure air velocity.

  2. ATEX Airflow Velocity Sensor

    The ATEX Airflow Velocity Sensor is remote sensing head for continuously monitoring airflow. The ATEX Airflow Velocity Sensor  is designed to be interfaced to a remote Telemetry system. Originally designed for the South African mining industry, the ATEX Airflow Velocity Meter is specifically designed to monitor underground in gold, coal or diamond mines, but can also be used for industrial applications. 

  3. ATEX Sigma 911 Airflow Meter

    The ATEX Sigma 911 Airflow Meter is an intrinsically safe airflow meter ideal for short-term flow studies in hazardous or potentially hazardous environments. The ATEX Sigma 911 Airflow Meter makes use of the Doppler technology which means accuracy, even in low flow, full pipe and reversed flow conditions. Accuracy is further enhanced by a proprietary technology that corrects for the effects of temperature and velocity on level measurement.

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