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  1. Atex XCZ1 iPad mini 4 zone 1

    Use the most-loved 7" tablet in the world in Zone1 areas. Explosion proof iPad mini case. ATEX Zone1 iPad mini. IECEx Zone1 iPad mini.
    This product will allow you to carry around in a zone 1 area, the most popular mini tablet in the world.


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  2. Ex e II EMC standard cable glands

    Ex e II EMC standard cable glands

    Ex e II EMC cable glands are available in the Rapid version (with contact wheel) and the EMC standard version (with contact sleeve). Ex e II EMC Rapid is available in metric (M12 - M32) and Pg (Pg 7 - PG29) and standard Ex e II EMC is available in metric (M8 - M40) and Pg (Pg 7 - PG36). Both series can be used in zone 1, 2, 21 & 22.




      Ex e II EMC standard cable glands PDF

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  3. ATEX Weight Indicator Zone 1 And Zone 21
    The ATEX Weight Indicator is an ideal indicator for creating weighing systems, batching and automation systems. The ATEX Weight Indicator has a waterproof 17-key numerical and functional keyboard with a LCD display with 6 25-mm high contrast digits, clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions and with low temperatures. The ATEX Weight Indicator has an IP68 stainless steel case and is 264 x 174 x 115 mm in dimension. The ATEX Weight Indicator is suiteable for use on tables or walls and supports up to 8 signal linearization points. THe ATEX Weight Indicator allows up to 10.000e or multirange 3 x 3000e and up to 100.000 displayable divisions with internal resolution up to 3.000.000 points. A/D 24bit sigma delta conversion up to 200 conv./sec is supported and digital calibration and setup can be performed on any pc.
  4. ATEX iSOLATE100 Intrinsically Safe Serial Interface
    The ATEX Serial Interface is an ATEX certified intrinsically safe PS2 and serial interface suitable for industrial use. The Explosion Proof Serial Interface allows connection of hazardous area perihperals such as pointing devices, keyboards and scanners to PC systems located in a safe area. The ATEX Serial Interface is designed for use with a range of keyboards and pointing devices such as iKey100, trackball, trackpad or finger mice. The ATEX Serial Interface is simple to operate and is available in a variety of configurations. With both galavnic and optical isolation for the power and the interfaces no high integrity earth is required or consideration about potential differences occurring meaning low simple and trouble free installation.
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