IristickZ1 Smart safety glasses

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IristickZ1 Smart safety glasses

 *This product will soon be in an atex version

Zoom Module
- Available on the Iristick.Z1
- 5MP 4:3 imager
- 720p 30 FPS video
- 13º FOV
- 5x optical zoom with liquid lens
- Capable of rapid barcode scanning
- Class 1 laser
- Flash LED
- Additional audio jack for earpiece or microphone

Headset & pocket unit
- Connects to standard Android 7 or later mobile device with TypeC USB
- Leverages the processing power of mobile device
- 8 hours continuous use pocket unit battery
- Fully recharged in 2 hours
- No radiation or heat near temple area



Central Camera
- 5MP 4:3 imager
- Fixed focus wide angle 84º FOV
- Full HD Video
- 30 FPS


Heads-up Display
For instructions or information sharing
- 60 FPS
- 3-axis pivo


3-axis Pivot
- Patented technology
- Adjustable for individual user interpupillary distance
- Capable of unobstructed view



- Adjustable nose pads
- Bendable temple tips
- Perscription and sunglass lens compatible


- Touch pad supporting gestures to control micro-gesture interface
- Integrated speakers
- Quad microphone array for improved voice extraction




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