Aloxy iot sensor valve position indicator - Atex Z2

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* People tracking (workers, contractors, visitors, etc.) * Evacuation coordination & safety communication * Man-machine interaction * Man-down detection * Tracking on-site trucks and vehicles * Tracking rental and mobile equipment * Status of temporary blinds to seal-off pipes * Status of pipe isolation for maintenance * Environmental temperature monitoring

Aloxy iot sensor valve position indicator - Atex Zone2


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Manual Valve position Indicator

The Aloxy Solution
Manual valve positioning

attach an aloxy device to the hand wheel or
valve lever to remotely monitor its position


* Ensure that manual valves are in the correct position during maintenance activities and/or production (e.g., flushes, by-passes, etc.) to avoid safety and process incidents(e.g., spills due to open drain)

* Receive alerts when valves are manipulated without authorization (e.g, opening/closing the wrong valve, accidentally manipulating a valve)


The Industry challenge
Manual valve positioning

Many valves are operated manually

Production and maintenance need to know their actual position
* During regular operations
* Before, during, after flushes, drains, by passes
* Before, during, after maintenance and TAR

Therefore, Field operators need to manually check each valve and communicate the actual position back to production or maintenance




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