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Atexshop Security Solutions is a company in India that provides mechanical & electronic security systems for banks, offices, homes; CCTV cameras & more. Visit us to
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  1. ATEX Ex62 Intrinsically Safe Camera Enclosure

    The Ex62 is 14 " explosion proof camera for effective surveillance at high risk environments. The ATEX Ex62 CCTV Camera is designed for hazardous industrial locations including the entire range of OSHA (UL) designations for explosive locations.

  2. ATEX Compact Fixed Focus CCTV Camera Intrinsically Safe iCAM100

    The iCAM100's design means that it is suitable for use in Zone 1, 21 and Zone 2, 22 environments, iCAM100 is also suitable for use in harsh environments with its IP65 ingress protection, 316L stainless steel and GRP construction.Connection of iCAM100 to the video monitor or CCTV system is quite simple using either 75 ohm coax or 150 ohm differential signal cable outputs.

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