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  1. ATEX Zoom Camera niteZoom

    The ATEX Zoom Camera niteZoom is a high quality zoom camera approved for dust and gas explosion risk zones in accordance with the directive 94/9/EC (ATEX). The ATEX Zoom Camera is the smallest explosion proof zoom camera of its class. Despite its compact dimensions, it has a 10x motorised zoom lens allowing it to be optimally adapted to the specific angle and lighting situation. 

  2. ATEX Infrared Intelligent Window
    The ATEX Infrared Intelligent Window takes electrical inspection and maintenance to a new level of safety, efficiency and accuracy. The ATEX IR Window has broadband crystal which allows for Thermal, UV, Fusion & Visual inspections. The ATEX Infrared Intelligent Window has a full grounded design that eliminates the risk of electric shock
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  3. ATEX Gas Detection IR Camera

    The Zone 2 Certified ATEX Gas Detection Camera can be used as a gas detection device in the petrochemical, gas and oil industries for optimal gas detection. The Infrared ATEX Gas Detection Camera allows the inspection of vast areas in a plant with an automated and simple to use interface, visualizing the infrared image on a large color LCD with build in DVR allowing up to 6 hours of video and audio recording.

  4. ATEX Pipe Camera Inspection System P571 Ex

    Limited available!
    The P571Ex Flexicoiler is an ATEX explosion-proof inspection camera for carrying out inspections in a Zone 1 area.

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  5. ATEX Rugged TC7150 NRTL Infrared Camera

    NRTL Certified, high performance intrinsically safe infrared camera with on-board 13.5Mhz RFID scanner, SMART IR Window compatibility, articulating lens and ultra long life interchangeable battery pack.

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  6. C1D1 / Zone 1 Intrinsically safe Interactive 3d Glasses

    C1D1 / Zone 1 3D Interactive Glasses

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  7. Orbit X Explosion Proof Wi-Fi Camera

    This camera is the smartest and most versatile intrinsically safe camera ever made. The Orbit X can be used for streaming, video conferencing and recording in full HD. The camera is certified according to IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 as well as CSA Class 1 Zone 1.

  8. CAT® S60 Rugged Thermal Imaging Smartphone


    See the world from another point of view with the progressive Cat® S60. Joining the great rough characteristics of Cat telephones with driving cell phone advancement, this new era tough cell phone will permit you to Capture Everything from the palm of your hand. Accomplish more with the world's first warm imaging cell phone.

  9. Hikvision 2MP Explosion-Proof Network Positioning System

    2MP Explosion-Proof Network Positioning System x36 zoom

    Hikvision DS-2DY9236W-CWX Explosion-Proof Positioning System captures high quality colored images in dim light environment with its low illumination, down to 0.002 Lux (color). Embedded with 1/1.9" progressive scan CMOS chip, it makes WDR and 2 MP real-time resolution possible. 

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  10. Hikvision Anticorrosion Dome camera Hikvision Anticorrosion Dome camera
    Hikvision Anticorrosion Dome camera
    Zone 1 Hikvision Anticorrosion Dome camera • 1/1.9’’ progressive scan CMOS • Up to 1920 × 1080 resolution,23X Optical zoom • 120dB WDR, 3D DNR • IP68 • 304L stainless steel anti-corrosion materials design • Explosion-Proof Certificate No.:TÜ V 16 ATEX 7950X, IECEx TUR 16.0050X
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