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  1. ATEX Dräger UCF 7000 Thermal Imaging Camera (ATEX ZONE 1) Drager

    The ATEX Thermal Imaging Camera UCF 7000 is an easy to use thermal imaging camera which can be controlled with one hand only. The UCF 7000 is the tool of choice in explosive atmospheres.  The  ATEX Thermal Imaging Camera is reliable even in the roughest and toughest environments. The   ATEX Thermal Imaging Camera is heat-resistant and withstnads usage-specific mechanical stresses with ease. The Thermal Camera has IP 67 protection and is resistant to water and dust. 

  2. ATEX Zoom Camera niteZoom

    The ATEX Zoom Camera niteZoom is a high quality zoom camera approved for dust and gas explosion risk zones in accordance with the directive 94/9/EC (ATEX). The ATEX Zoom Camera is the smallest explosion proof zoom camera of its class. Despite its compact dimensions, it has a 10x motorised zoom lens allowing it to be optimally adapted to the specific angle and lighting situation. 

  3. ATEX Pipe Camera Inspection System P571 Ex

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    The P571Ex Flexicoiler is an ATEX explosion-proof inspection camera for carrying out inspections in a Zone 1 area.

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  4. ATEX Rugged TC7150 NRTL Infrared Camera

    NRTL Certified, high performance intrinsically safe infrared camera with on-board 13.5Mhz RFID scanner, SMART IR Window compatibility, articulating lens and ultra long life interchangeable battery pack.

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  5. C1D1 / Zone 1 Intrinsically safe Interactive 3d Glasses

    C1D1 / Zone 1 3D Interactive Glasses

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