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This product is EOL (End of life)

The ExCam IPM3014 is an effective IP megapixel camera which can be utilized as a part of the risky range. Regardless of its ultra-minimized outline, it offers HDTV determination (720p) in blend with a wide-point lens. Moreover, the camera is not just guaranteed by, IECEx, and EAC-Ex appropriate for perilous regions in danger of gas and tidy blasts yet it is additionally to mine surroundings.

This product is EOL (End of life)

ExCam IPM3014


At the point when beginning to plan the ExCam IPM3014, the fundamental goal was to build up a shoddy blast verification camera for dangerous ranges without giving up quality guidelines. Toward the end of this formative procedure we are currently glad to introduce the most smaller and shoddy system camera of its execution class:

Aluminum or stainless steel?

Indistinguishable in its specialized capacities, the ExCam IPM3014 can be made with two distinctive lodging materials.

A lightweight which is likewise prudent:

The ExCam IPM3014 in our aluminum lodging just weighs 1,900 g and does not cost 2,000 €.

Strong and media safe: The ExCam IPM3014 in the stainless steel lodging just weighs 2,200 g. This implies our camera weighs just around a tenth of practically identical cameras! Due to diminishing the required material as well as to the imaginative 3D printing innovation utilized for making the mounting connector, we can offer the ExCam IPM3014 in the stainless steel walled in area for directly underneath 2,500 €!

Ultra-reduced on account of inventive 3D-printing innovation

Inventive 3D printing strategies at present break the understood principles of mechanical plans! Limits which used to exist in the traditional sheet metal development don't exist for 3D printing! We exploited this advancement additionally when outlining within the ExCam IPM3014: A profoundly safe and electrically protecting 3D-plastic connector has in only one part the web server circuit board, the CMOS sensor, the lens and also the temperature controller! Because of this, less space is required and establishment times are decreased in contrast with standard sheet metal outlines so that the aggregate expenses are lessened too.

No portable parts

The ExCam IPM3014 does not have any electromechanical parts: The lens with its altered central length is set in center before the conveyance. The CMOS sensor conveys different video streams in HD determination (720p) and can be zoomed and controlled electronically (ePTZ). Thus, there is no need any longer to open the lodging.

Temperature administration

Concerning its temperature administration, the ExCam IPM3014 likewise sets new norms: The warming framework discards a twofold control. From one perspective, the recently created temperature controller guarantees that even at - 60°C the camera stays free of ice yet does not overheat in when the temperatures increment. Furthermore, moreover, the PTC component keeps the camera to overheat on the off chance that a breakdown happens! These systems, checked and endorsed by the German TÜV, permit us to safely utilize the camera inside a temperature scope of - 60°C to +50°C. What's more, the best some portion of this warming idea: The camera's and additionally the warming's heap circuit are incorporated into only one link!

Diminished establishment costs and Power over Ethernet (PoE)

A distinction of the ExCam IPM3014 is that the information streams and also the force is transmitted by means of a solitary link which implies that for the establishment inside the protected region, just a PoE switch or a PoE midspan is required.

As the force supply of the camera is executed by means of Power over Ethernet (PoE as per IEEE 802.3af) through the system, no immoderate establishment of a different force supply is required.

Little and modest impact confirmation camera lodging - incredible determination (HD)

With its length of only 158 mm and a distance across of just 79 mm, the ExCam IPM3014 is littler than some camera models for safe ranges – yet with all the more effective capacities.

Because of its dynamic output work, the ExCam IPM3014 is fit for making high-determination pictures of moving items with up to 30 outlines for each second: Without movement obscure! The ExCam IPM3014 likewise conveys sharp pictures in HD determination. Numerous H.264 video streams and additionally Motion JPEG streams all the while - either in full casing rate or separately upgraded for various quality and data transfer capacity prerequisites.

Ethernet links for risky region

Our system link is particularly intended for risky regions.! It is, because of the polyurethane covering, mechanically greatly powerful furthermore UV safe and fire resistant as indicated by DIN EN 60079-14. Because of the considerable wire size (AWG 22) and the protected Cat6e turned combines significantly more prominent separations can undoubtedly be overcome!

Numerous affirmations for unsafe territories

The ExCam arrangement is guaranteed by directions (ATEX) and also global ones (IECEx) and the Russian custom-union (EAC-Ex). The lodgings' accreditation involves ATEX bunch I (mining) with a generally safe of mechanical danger and ATEX bunch II (Gas and Dust) for zone 1, 2 and in addition 21 and 22 including the blast bunches IIC/IIIC with a high danger of mechanical risk. As per the necessities of the effect and free-fall tests (DIN EN 60079: 0 2012), the lodgings are appropriate for settled and also portable applications!

Media resistance and seals

Because of the brilliant materials utilized for the ExCam Series, it meets the prerequisites of a far reaching media resistance list! It is additionally conceivable to unreservedly choose diverse stainless steel compounds to mirror the best execution for your application. Indeed, even a covering or powder covering of the lodging is doable to acknowledge singular media resistance prerequisites.

The especially outlined GYLON (PTFE) level fixing does not just guarantee the lodging to be watertight (IP68) additionally bolsters the resistance towards a few chemicals (a media resistance rundown is accessible upon solicitation). The amazingly vigorous and scratch-evidence and additionally high-affect safe borosilicate glass fits impeccably into the fantastic materials of the lodging body.


As one of the primary weight tight camera security frameworks, the ExCam Series meets all necessities for mines (situations helpless of flame damps) and is ensured by/IECEx and EAC-Ex for gear bunch I Mb. In the event that the ExCam Series is utilized as a part of mining situations with a generally safe of mechanical harms, it is not by any means important to outfit the lodging with an extra gadget keeping in mind the end goal to ensure the borosilicate glass! The ExCam Series consequently takes into consideration the first run through the protected utilization of versatile and stationary reconnaissance gear underground.

Compact and stationary use

As per the necessities of the effect and free-fall tests (DIN EN 60079: 0 2012); the ExCam Series is likewise affirmed as a compact gadget.

Advantages of advanced system video reconnaissance

An IP system video observation framework offers various points of interest and exceptional components. In addition to other things, advantages incorporate remote access, high picture quality, occasion administration, astute video abilities, simple joining potential outcomes, better adaptability, adaptability, and cost effectiveness.

• Remote access

• High picture quality

• Event administration and shrewd video

• Easy, sheltered and manageable combination

• Scalability and adaptability

• Cost productivity

Remote access

System cameras and video encoders can be gotten to and arranged remotely so that by means of our program based video administration programming SAMCONtrol®, numerous approved clients can observe live video pictures and video recordings whenever and from any organized area around the world. This is leverage in the event that you need to concede clients of different organizations, e.g. of a security organization, access to the video pictures also.

High picture quality

For video reconnaissance applications, a high picture quality is fundamental with a specific end goal to have the capacity to plainly distinguish included persons or articles. With its dynamic sweep and megapixel innovation, the ExCam IPM3014 offers a greatly improved picture quality and in addition a higher determination than any simple CCTV camera. Likewise, it is much simpler to guarantee the picture quality in an IP system than in a simple framework.

For the present simple frameworks utilizing a DVR as a recording gadget, various information transformations from simple to advanced and the other way around happen: First the camera changes over the simple signs into computerized information, subsequently they are re-changed over to simple signs to permit transmission. In this manner, the simple signs are re-digitalized again to record. Every transformation strategy and the link's sign lessening impacts the picture quality. The more prominent the transmission separation of these simple signs is, the weaker the sign gets to be. In a completely advanced IP-Surveillance framework, pictures from a system camera are digitized just once and they then stay in the computerized group. Thus, pointless changes are kept away from as well as picture debasement because of long transmission separations in a system won't happen. Furthermore, advanced pictures can be put away and recovered more effortlessly than it is conceivable with simple tapes.

Occasion administration and clever video

Regularly, an over the top measure of video information is recorded and there is insufficient time accessible to break down it legitimately. Propelled system cameras and video encoders with incorporated insight or examination capacities take care of this issue by decreasing insignificant video recordings and additionally by starting pre-customized activities. Such capacities are not accessible for simple frameworks. The ExCam IPM3014 offers incorporated capacities, for example, video movement identification, dynamic altering caution, and alert and occasion administration capacities. Utilizing these components makes the system cameras and video encoders prepared to do ceaselessly examining the information with a specific end goal to recognize occasions and to react consequently – e.g. by beginning a video recording and sending alert warnings. Occasion administration capacities can be set by means of the UI or the system video programming. Clients can characterize the alerts or occasions by the utilized trigger and determine the day and age in which the occasion must be dynamic. Moreover, the activities can be designed (e.g. recording of one or more areas, locally and/or at remote areas, enactment of outside gadgets, for example, sirens, lights and entryway opener, sending notices to clients).

Simple, protected and feasible reconciliation

System video items in light of open norms can be coordinated just in blend with video administration and application programming.

Adaptability and adaptability

A system video framework can develop with the requirements of its clients. For IP-based frameworks, numerous system cameras and video encoders and additionally different sorts of utilizations can utilize the same wired or remote system for information trade. Thusly a variable number of system video items can be added to the framework without the requirement for broad or costly changes to the system base. In a simple framework this is impractical with respect to such frameworks an especially planned coaxial link must be wired specifically from every camera to a presentation/recording station. In correlation, system video items can be essentially set in any area and fused into any system; being pretty much open or even entirely secured.

Taken a toll Efficiency

An IP-Surveillance framework ordinarily has lower all out working expenses than a routine simple CCTV framework. Much of the time, an IP system foundation does as of now exist so that a system video application can be effortlessly incorporated into the current base. Wired or remote systems administration arrangements are likewise much less expensive than coaxial and fiber optic link utilized for simple CCTV frameworks. The regulatory and in addition the gear expenses are lower as back-end stockpiling applications and additionally stockpiling frameworks can be completed on non-exclusive standard server as expected to fabricate particular equipment, for example, a DVR. Information and force supply are joined in one and only link. The main hardware you have to associate the camera in the sheltered region is a PoE switch or PoE midspan.

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