iPad 10.2 ATEX Zone 2 IIC

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iPad 10.2 ATEX Zone 2 IIC  

Explosion Proof iPad  


This new ATEX zone 2 iPad makes you able to use ur iPad 10.2 in hazardous locations. The iPad's are converted and certified according to the ATEX directives. This makes it possible for you that you can use your iPad in vapor/gas zone 2 hazardous locations. ATEX Zone 2 is the European equivalent for the US, C1D2. 

Because the iPad has a safe electrical circuit. It meets the ATEX/EX regulations. Which makes you able to use it in the hazardous zone 2 areas that it is made for. All of the original iPad functions remain intact.  

It has a black case finish. It is also available for both WiFi only model and the WiFi + Cellular 4G model.

Technical information
Voltage: 100-240 Volt (charger)

Frequency: 50/60Hz (charger)

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 19 x 26 x 1.5cm (ipad 10.2)

ATEX: Unit Assessment Certificate Zone 2, II 3G, ec ic IIC T4 Gc



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