Titan ATEX Firecomm F4

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Titan ATEX Firecomm F4


The Titan ATEX Firecomm F4 is an intrinsically safe helmet communication unit designed for MSA F1, F1SF, and F2 firefighter helmets. The product combines a large on-helmet PTT button with a strong in-helmet audio system. The speaker clip enables easy, tool-free installation on the helmet, and the noise cancelling boom microphone along with Titan's high quality loudspeaker ensure clear and uninterrupted communication.  

Technical data

Diameter 40 mm
Rated power

1 W

Frequency response 600 Hz to 7 kHz
SPL 92 dB
Microphone  Electret condenser differential Noise cancelling, Waterproof immersion IP67, 330 mV to 114 dBSPL
Frequency response  100 to 10 kHz (Δ10dB

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