Titan ATEX Throat Microphone with Inline PTT

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Titan ATEX Throat Microphone with Inline PTT


The Titan ATEX Throat Microphone with Inline PTT is an intrinsically safe unit designed and crafted for users potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres, as in the oil & gas industry, SOLAS, or fire and rescue services. The transponder picks up only the vibrations from the wearer's larynx, effectively blocking out background noise. The large ruggedized inline PTT gives you the freedom of hands-free communication and is simple to operate, also when wearing heavy gloves. The PTT is equipped with a back clip for easy attachment to uniforms or other workwear. 

Technical data

Microphone Electret Microphone
Protection rating 

IP 56

Impedance 32 Ohm
Speaker Piezo
Headset Type Acoustic Tube Headset
Electrical Parameters Uo = 8,7V Io = 0,425A Po ≤ 3,57W
Operating temperature -20° C to +55° C
Storage temperature -40° C to +85° C
cable flex life 50,000 cycles
Cable pull strength Axial 13 kgs
PTT switch life 100,000 cycles

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