myDatalogNANO Ex - Remote data transmission - Atex Zone 2

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Easy handling of remote data transmission from anywhere with the portable data acquisition device for digital and analogue measured data by Microtronics.

myDatalogNANO - Remote data transmission - Atex Zone 2

Simple treatment of distant information transmission from anyplace with the compact information procurement gadget for advanced and simple estimated information by Microtronics.

The information logger myDatalogNANO is perhaps the most versatile of its sort and is a specialist in estimating and sending computerized and simple qualities. Other than the inward estimating capacities like GSM signal strength and battery voltage, the myDatalogNANO additionally offers an incredible assortment of outer estimating highlights. This makes temperature estimation, pressure estimation, voltage metering, power metering and drive tallying a snap. You simply need to interface your application-explicit outer sensor to begin.

Item characteristics:

* Battery life as long as 5 years

* Long-life SIM chip intergrated

* Adjustable estimating and transmission cycles

* Low startup and working expenses

* Extremely compact design

Technical data:

Block diagram - myDatalogNANO:

Block diagram - myDatalogNANO Ex:


OEM service:
* Individual labeling
* Customized housing colour
* Type plate and certificates
* Versioned, adapted manual and fact sheet

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