Atex Icom F51 handheld LMR/PMR VHF Mini-Transreceiver

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For good communication in a industrial surroundig the Icom IC-751 is the perfect two way portable radio. This compact Atex radio is dust- and waterproof (IP67) and is equipped with a emergency button and 7 programmable buttons. With a full battery you can use the radio for 10 hours.

Icom F51 Mini-TransReceiver

EXPLOSION PROOF Mini-TransReceiver

ATEX compliant equipment, can be used in gas/temperature environments.The IC-F51 is a waterproof LMR/PMR transceiver.
The waterproof construction is equivalent to IPX-7 which is the same rating as most of our marine handheld models. In addition, built-in signaling capabilities and voice scrambler* function eliminate the need for an optional logic board.
The IC-F51 meets the requirements for a tough, water-proof communication tool for such users like fire departments, the petrochemical industry and general B&I demand.
(* Voice scrambler function availability differs depends on version.)
Compact, light weight and durable designWaterproof construction*
*Equivalent to IPX-7 (1m for 30 minutes)
Simple operation1700mAh Li-Ion battery pack suppliedWater-proof construction
The IC-F51 has outstanding waterproof construction which is equivalent to IPX-7*. The IC-F51 can withstand submersion in 1 m depth of water for up to 30 minutes. All products are rigorously inspected with Icom's air leakage test at our factory.
* Equivalent to IPX7 of the corresponding International Standard IEC 529 (1989) (1 m depth for 30 minutes)
Built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCSOptional waterproof speaker microphone, HM-138Wide frequency coverage

The IC-F51 covers wide frequency range with one version: covers 136-174MHzTough and compact body

The IC-F51 is built tough! The aluminum die-cast chassis combined with a polycarbonate casing is designed to last. Its compact dimensions of 56 (W) x 97 (H) x 36 (D) mm allow the IC-F51 to fit comfortably in your palm or shirt pocket.Lithium-Ion battery pack standard
With the supplied 1700mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack, BP-227, the IC-F51 provides stable output power and a practical 10 hours* of operating time. Lithium-Ion batteries allow flexible charging and have almost no memory effect.
* Typical operation; Tx:Rx: Stand-by duty cycle=5:5:90
Alphanumeric LCD
For the function display, an 8-character 14 segment alphanumeric LCD is employed to make a variety of information visually recognizable at a glance. Of course, an automatic LCD backlight is standard for night time operation.
Built-in signaling
Without installing an optional logic board, the IC-F51 has 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS signaling capabilities for group communication or selective calling.
Optional voice scrambler
The scrambling system is fully compatible with our UT-110 voice scrambler unit, which uses 1020 codes (255 codes x 4 groups.).
Programmable functions
Up to 7 programmable buttons, [P0]-[P3], [A], [V], and [Red button] can be assigned additional functions to meet a variety of requirements. In addition, there is a space for function assign stickers below those buttons.
Optional speaker microphone, HM-138
The optional speaker microphone, HM-138, also has waterproof construction equivalent to IPX-7.
Other features:2.5kHz channel stepBuilt-in compander (same as IC-F30G series and IC-F510 series)BIIS 1200 built-inSMA type ANT connectorUp to 128 memory channels/8 memory banksStandard package: BP-227AX Li-Ion battery pack, belt clip, hand strap, flexible rubber antenna, operating manual



Frequency range
IC-F51   136–174MHz
IC-F61   400–470MHz
Number of Channels : Max. 128 channels/ 8 banks
Channel spacing : 12.5/20/25kHz
Antenna impedance : 50Ω (SMA Type)
PLL channel step
IC-F51   2.5/3.125kHz
IC-F61   5/6.25kHz
Power supply requirement : 7.2V DC
Current drain (approx.)
  IC-F51 IC-F61
Transmit 5W 1.5A -
4W - 1.5A
1W 0.7A 0.8A
Recevie stand-by 85mA
AF max. 300mA
Operating temperature range : –25°C to +55°C
Dimensions (W × H × D)
(projections not included)
: 56 × 97 × 36.4mm
Weight (approx.; With BP-227) : 280g
Output power
IC-F51   5.0W
IC-F61   4.0W
Modulation system : Variable reactance frequency modulation
Max. frequency deviation : ±5kHz (wide)
  ±4kHz (middle)
  ±2.5kHz (narrow)
Frequency error : ±2.5ppm
Spurious emissions : 0.25µW (and below 1GHz)
  1.0µW (above 1GHz)
Modulation limiting : 60–100% of Max. deviation
Audio harmonic distortion : 3% typ. (AF 1kHz, 40% deviation)
Adjacent channel power : 70dB Min. (wide, middle)
  60dB Min. (narrow)
Residual modulation
(With CCITT filter)
: 55dB typ. (wide)
  53dB typ. (middle)
  50dB typ. (narrow)
External MIC impedance : 9-pin multi connector/2.2kΩ
Sensitivity : –4dBµV typ. (emf, at 20dB SINAD)
Squelch sensitivity : –4dBµV typ. (emf, at threshold)
Adjacent channel sensitivity : 75dB typ. (wide)
  73dB typ. (middle)
  65dB typ. (narrow)
Spurious response : 70dB
Intermodulation : 67dB typ.
Hum and noise
(With CCITT filtter)
: 55dB typ. (wide)
  53dB typ. (middle)
  50dB typ. (narrow)
Audio output power : 0.5W typ. at 5% distortion with an 8Ω load
External SP connector : 9-pin multi connector/8Ω

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