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The Ziztel ZAB1-2 is a rugged explosion proof electronic flashing beacon which employs a Xenon discharge tube light source to produce brilliant pulses of visible light. 


The Ziztel ZAB1-2 is a rugged explosion proof electronic flashing beacon which employs a Xenon discharge tube light source to produce brilliant pulses of visible light. The unit is specified for safety applications where acoustic alarms are ineffective due to excessive ambient noise and provides high erformance visual warning annunciation. For example use on life dependant critical applications (including service on PAGA Public Address and Alarm Systems) and
is designed for reliable operation in aggressive climatic conditions on both land based and marine / offshore installations. The ZAB1-2 beacon is available in a range of colour optic lenses which are carefully designed to enhance available flash energy and therefore overall flashing beacon visibility. The unit utilises a totally rot proof stainless steel construction which minimises routine service and ensures low through life maintenance cycles. The light source
eliminates moving parts and is guaranteed to deliver in excess of six million light pulses without tube assembly deterioration. Image left shows ZAB1-2 Exd version with integral termination chamber. Fixing brackets are available to enable simple, rapid vertical installation or wall / bulk head mounting.


  • Corrosion proof all stainless steel construction – long through life, minimal maintenance.
  • IP68 - 60 C to + 70 C Weather proof / environmentallyrated – suitable for harsh climatic conditions.
  • No moving parts – solid state controlled.
  • Redundant light source - high security duplicated xenon tubes.
  • Zone 1 ATEX and IECEx certified - safe for use in potentially explosive areas world-wide.


Light Source: High intensity Xenon tubes
Supply Voltage:

110 /120; 220 /240; 270 VAC 50 / 60 Hz; 24; 48 VDC

Supply Voltage Tolerance:

+10% / -15%

Consumption: 30 Watts / VA (60 Watts / VA peak); 50 Watts ‘S’ option

‘T’ Option Telephone ring
voltage range:

20 to 100V RMS
Telephone ring cadence:

On time 1 second minimum, off or silent time 3 seconds maximum

‘S’ Option Siren generator:

Drive for up to two 100 Volt line Ex projector horns - maximum

sound pressure level at 1 metre is +112 dBA

Flash rate:

1 Hz

Duty cycle:


Flash energy – xenon tube set:

21 joule

Temperature Range:

-60 ̊C - +70 ̊C

IP Rating:

IP66 / 68

Weight Exd variant:


Weight Exe variant:


Dimensions Exd variant: 170 x 290 mm with guard – 275 mm without guard
Dimensions Exe variant: 170 x 355 mm with guard – 343 mm without guard
Gland entry:

2 x 20 mm isometric

Mounting attitude: Vertical or horizontal
Enclosure material: Corrosion proof 316g all stainless steel
Enclosure colour: Natural

Lens colour:

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Amber, split colour Green / White

Location: Hazardous area Zone 1 IIC T4
Certification: IECEx and ATEX certified





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