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The Ziztel ZAB1-M2 is a rugged explosion proof electronic flashing beacon which employs xenon light sources to selectively produce brilliant pulses of visible coloured light.


The Ziztel ZAB1-M2 is a rugged explosion proof electronic flashing beacon which employs xenon light sources to selectively produce brilliant pulses of visible coloured light. The unit is specified for safety applications where acoustic alarms are ineffective due to excessive ambient noise and provides effective high performance visual warning annunciation. ZAB1 – M2 can be specified for use on safety critical applications as part of a PAGA Public Address and Alarm System. ZAB1-M2 is designed for reliable service on both land based and marine / offshore installations. The ZAB1-M2 beacon can be equipped with up to two different colour sources within the single housing realising major cost savings over conventional discrete multiple beacon arrays. IMO SOLAS / PFEER colour set is available i.e. Red – Yellow. Colour is assigned by specially designed Fresnel optical lens which provides highly efficient light dispersion. The unit is capable of initiating colour selection by a two-pair control cable which also includes mains power supply or ZAB-M2-A can be specified allowing energisation with control over a single pair of field cable conductors. The maximum number of devices on a single circuit is dependent on the cross-sectional area of the field cable conductors and maximum volt drop tolerance, we advise no more than forty units on a single circuit in any case to improve security. The unit utilises a totally corrosion proof stainless steel construction which minimises routine service and ensures low through life  maintenance cycles.


  • Totally corrosion proof all stainless-steel construction – long through life, minimal maintenance.
  • Optional colour selection over 1 x pair cable – major cost saving over conventional multi core-based systems.
  • No moving parts - microprocessor controlled.
  • Multiple light sources – Duplicated xenon discharge tube sets for each colour – choice of flash energy - 10, 15, 21 Joules.
  • Zone 1 ATEX and IECEx certified - safe for use in hazardous areas.


Light Source: High intensity Xenon tubes

Twin tubes for each colour – total four xenon discharge tubes

Supply Voltage:

110 /120- 220 /240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz / 270 VAC 50 / 60 Hz

To order - 24 VDC to 48 VDC

Tolerance: +10% / -15%
Consumption: 30 Watts / VA (60 Watts / VA peak)

4 x field conductors Live / Live / Common Neutral / Earth
5 x field conductors Live / Live / Neutral / Neutral / Earth
3 x field conductors +ve / +ve / Common 0V
4 x field conductors +ve / +ve / 0V / 0V
2 conductors ‘A’ Addressable type

Flash rate: 1 pulse per second
Duty cycle:


Flash energy:

21 Joules / colour set = suffix 21
15 Joules / colour set = suffix 15
10 Joules / colour set = suffix 10

Alarm tone sub system option:

One alarm tone type per colour

Alarm output:

100 Volt line

Maximum load:

25 Watts

Temperature Range:

-60 ̊C - +70 ̊C

IP Rating:

IP66 / 68

Weight: 4.5Kg Ex d, 6Kg Ex de
Dimensions Exd variant: 170mm wide x 337mm high
Dimensions Exe variant: 170mm wide x 405mm high
Gland entry:

2 x 20 mm isometric cable gland entries

Mounting attitude: Vertical well glass up, vertical well glass down or horizontal
Enclosure material: Corrosion proof 316 l stainless steel
Enclosure colour: Natural

Colour selection - maximum 2

Violet, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Amber, split White / Green,

Colour definition:

UV Ultraviolet light resistant Fresnel optic lens – no painted well


Maximum cable termination
cross sectional area:

Exd variant 2.5 mm CSA / conductor
Exe variant 4 mm CSA / conductor

Location: Hazardous area Zone 1 IIC T4
Certification: IECEx and ATEX certified





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