Comcam IPQ6045C

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The Comcam IPQ6045C is an intense ex-evidence vault camera of the exceptionally most recent era with a determination of 2 megapixels (1920 x 1080p). The camera permits ceaseless 360° skillet revolution and 180° tilt scope with programmed picture turn. A specific highlight is the exact and fast panning and tilting capacity of the camera which does not just discard a 30-crease optical zoom however has additionally a 12-overlay computerized zoom.

Comcam IPQ6045C

ATEX, IECEx and EAC-Ex affirmed Ex-evidence arch camera

The ComCam arrangement is affirmed by controls (ATEX) and in addition universal ones (IECEx). The lodgings' affirmation contains ATEX aggregate II for zone 1, 2 and additionally 21 and 22 including the blast bunches IIB/IIIC. Besides it additionally discards EAC-Ex confirmation.

Amid the ComCam IPQ6045C's advancement arrange, the concentration was unmistakably laid on security angles and additionally mechanical exactness and excellent stainless steels additionally on the measured outline which permits, for instance, the immediate association of FOC. In the event of extensive perception demands, FOC offers awesome transmission speeds; likewise the lighting security for the outside range measures gets to be obsolet.

Media resistance and seals

Because of the excellent materials utilized for the ComCam Series (stainless steel 316L/CF-3M) it meets the prerequisites of a thorough media resistance list. The especially composed optical arch is made of LEXAN©, a poly-carbonate which does withstand most reduced temperatures as well as has unrivaled optical qualities, for example, low optical twisting. The camera's security level is IP-68.


Likewise as to the permitted encompassing temperature, the ComCam IPQ6045C sets new gauges: With warming, as far as possible is - 50°C going up to +50°C.

Keeping in mind the end goal to stay free of ice at - 50° C we utilize a two PTC earthenware production for warming (please allude to the material model code).

HD CCTV Camera in impact evidence lodging

With its length of 378 mm and a distance across of just 195 mm, the ComCam IPQ6045C is littler than some camera models for safe territories – however with all the more effective capacities. On account of its dynamic output work, the ComCam IPQ6045C is equipped for making high-determination pictures of moving articles with up to 30 outlines for each second: Without movement obscure! The ComCam IPQ6045C likewise conveys sharp pictures in fullHD determination.

Day/Night work

The ComCam IPQ6045C is outfitted with a day/night work making it especially reasonable for the utilization in open air or indoor ranges with poor lighting When the shine drops beneath a specific esteem, the camera naturally changes to night mode to deliver superb highly contrasting pictures utilizing close infrared light. Close infrared light, with a wavelength somewhere around 780 and around 1000 nanometers, can't be seen by the human eye, in any case, the picture sensor of the ComCam IPQ6045C can perceive this light and uses it.

Some Features and data:


Helper contacts

It is conceivable to adaptably outfit the ComCam IPQ6045C with extra lines which can connect outer advanced helper contacts with the camera rationale. For instance, the outer contacts can be utilized to begin or end a video recording or to clean the camera's optical rib by means of a hand-off with compacted air or water splash. By means of the video operation programming SAMCONtrol® this should be possible remotely.

Advantages of computerized system video observation:

An IP arrange video observation framework offers various favorable circumstances and unique components.

In addition to other things, benefits incorporate remote get to, high picture quality, occasion administration, astute video capacities, simple reconciliation potential outcomes, better versatility, adaptability, and cost proficiency.

• Remote get to

• High picture quality

• Event administration and astute video

• Easy, protected and maintainable mix

• Scalability and adaptability

• Cost productivity


Remote get to

Organize cameras and video encoders can be gotten to and designed remotely so that by means of our program based video administration programming SAMCONtrol®, various approved clients can observe live video pictures and video recordings whenever and from any arranged area around the world. This is leeway on the off chance that you need to allow clients of different organizations, e.g. of a security organization, access to the video pictures too.


High picture quality

For video reconnaissance applications, a high picture quality is basic keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to unmistakably distinguish included people or questions. With its dynamic output and megapixel innovation, the IPP5635 offers a greatly improved picture quality and additionally a higher determination than any simple CCTV camera. Also, it is much less demanding to guarantee the picture quality in an IP organize than in a simple framework.

For the present simple frameworks utilizing a DVR as a recording gadget, various information transformations from simple to advanced and the other way around happen: First the camera changes over the simple signs into computerized information, a short time later they are re-changed over to simple signs to permit transmission. Thusly, the simple signs are re-digitalized again to record. Every change methodology and also the link's flag weakening impacts the picture quality. The more noteworthy the transmission separation of these simple signs is, the weaker the flag gets to be. In a completely computerized IP-Surveillance framework, pictures from a system camera are digitized just once and they then stay in the advanced arrangement. Therefore, pointless changes are dodged as well as picture debasement because of long transmission separates in a system won't happen. Furthermore, computerized pictures can be put away and recovered more effectively than it is conceivable with simple tapes.


Occasion administration and smart video

Frequently, an unnecessary measure of video information is recorded and there is insufficient time accessible to dissect it legitimately. Propelled arrange cameras and video encoders with incorporated knowledge or investigation capacities take care of this issue by lessening unessential video recordings and in addition by starting pre-customized activities. Such capacities are not accessible for simple frameworks.

The ComCam IPQ6045C offers incorporated capacities, for example, video movement identification, dynamic altering alert, and caution and occasion administration capacities. Utilizing these components makes the system cameras and video encoders able to do constantly dissecting the info information with a specific end goal to identify occasions and to react consequently – e.g. by beginning a video recording and sending caution notices.

Occasion administration capacities can be set by means of the UI or the system video programming. Clients can characterize the alerts or occasions by the utilized trigger and indicate the era in which the occasion must be dynamic. Moreover, the activities can be arranged (e.g. recording of at least one areas, locally and/or at remote areas, enactment of outside gadgets, for example, sirens, lights

what's more, entryway opener, sending notices to clients).

Simple, sheltered and maintainable reconciliation

Arrange video items in light of open models can be coordinated just in blend with video administration and application programming.

Certifications and zones:



Versatility and adaptability

A system video framework can develop with the requirements of its clients. For IP-based frameworks, many system cameras and video encoders and also different sorts of utilizations can utilize the same wired or remote system for information trade.

Along these lines a variable number of system video items can be added to the framework without the requirement for broad or costly changes to the system foundation. In a simple framework this is unrealistic with respect to such frameworks an especially planned coaxial link must be wired straightforwardly from every camera to a show/recording station. In examination, organize video items can be for all intents and purposes put in any area and joined into any system; being pretty much open or even entirely secured.


Taken a toll Efficiency

An IP-Surveillance framework commonly has bring down aggregate working expenses than a traditional simple CCTV framework. By and large, an IP organize foundation does as of now exist so that a system video application can be effortlessly incorporated into the current framework. Wired or remote systems administration arrangements are likewise much less expensive than coaxial and fiber optic link utilized for simple CCTV frameworks. The regulatory and additionally the gear expenses are lower as back-end stockpiling applications and in addition stockpiling frameworks can be completed on non-restrictive standard server as expected to make particular equipment, for example, a DVR.


Favorable circumstances of vault cameras

The inboard dish tilt-zoom system of done cameras permits a compelling warming of the lodging and the camera which is especially an awesome preferred standpoint for low temperature applications. Likewise, the mechanical parts are secured against tidy as well as against outside harms.

Another favorable position of the vault camera is that amid its operation, wounds of faculty are barred since every single versatile part are arranged inside the camera lodging and are thus isolated from working staff. In contrast with the established dish tilt-zoom framework where the tomahawks are situated outside the camera lodging, this offers another preferred standpoint: The lower weight.

Because of its outline, vault cameras are altogether lighter which is additionally reflected by the lower prerequisites with respect to the mounting and establishment hardware.

Not at all like exemplary container tilt-zoom cameras which require a hazard evaluation keeping in mind the end goal to decide the interim and additionally the extent of the vital upkeep measures, vault cameras are essentially support free. Because of this, likewise the working expenses are lessened discernibly.


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