Armadex BT-Key-02 - ATEX Intrinsically Safe Keyboard

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* Certified for ATEX Zone 2 & 22
* Extremely Rugged
* For Windows & MacOS
* For iOS and Android
* Compatible with Ex Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, etc.
* Bluetooth Connection
* IECEx Cert Pending

Armadex BT-Key-02 - ATEX Intrinsically Safe Keyboard  


ATEX Certificate Available, IECEx Certificate Pending (Estimated April 2024)

The Armadex BT-Key-02 is a rechargeable Bluetooth & USB Type A keyboard based on the iKey BT-870-TP. The ATEX keyboard is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, iOS and Android. This means the Ex Keyboard may be paired to iPads, Iphones, Desktop PC’s, laptops, Android Tablets and Android Phones. Ease of use is one of the key elements of our keyboard. Pair the keyboard  with one press of a button and for any of the aforementioned devices should be completed within less than 30 seconds.


What are the Uses of an Explosion Proof Keyboard?
This keyboard is certified for use in ATEX Zone 2. In ATEX zone 2 there is a minimal risk of presence of a gas explosive atmosphere during normal operation. Examples are the outdoor area of an oil refinery or a ventilated battery room. Use of regular non-ATEX is not allowed in an ATEX Zone, because these devices could be a source of ignition, causing an explosion. With our Ex keyboard paired to a wireless ATEX device,  workers are safe in an ATEX Zone 2 location

Look and feel
Our ATEX Keyboard is a truly compact model, measuring only 30.5 centimeters in width and 19.5 centimeters in length. The units are in all black, with white printing on the keys, and blue printing for the “Fn-key” functionalities. Because the keyboards are 4.5 cm thick, they are rugged and sturdy devices. The feet of the device are made from rubber, therefore the keyboard won’t slip when placed on most surfaces. The keyboards feet are not set at an angle, meaning the keyboard lays flat on the surface.

The keyboards are lightweight and easy to carry. This in combination with their compact figure, makes that employees can easily use the keyboards on the go. This is especially useful when used with an ATEX Tablet or Phone.

The keyboard does not collect dust or moistures between or under the keys during normal use. This makes that the keyboard is very easy to clean. It may be wiped off with a damp (not wet) cloth. Cleaning, charging and other maintenance must be done outside of the hazardous area / ATEX Zone.

Mounting the Keyboard
On the back of the BT-Key-01 you will find an optional magnetic mount and aVESA mounting pattern. This is ideal for using the keyboard in a fixed place or for use in any type of vehicle.

Battery Life
The Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery is combined with several power saving features in order to get the longest battery life. Sleep mode turns on after approximately 10 seconds, ensuring the battery does not drain when the device is not being used. In sleep mode, the ATEX Keyboard is put into a low power state, ensuring that the device can be quickly used again. Pressing any key will wake the device back up. It is recommended to not use any keys that could interfere with programs running on your PC. For example Caps Lock would work best in most cases.

The expected battery life during average use is 8 weeks.

Wireless functionality
Wireless Bluetooth connection may be established and utilized over a maximum distance of 10 (30 ft.) meters between the Ex Keyboard and the paired device. 

The signal will pick up automatically after moving out of range, once you are close enough to the host device. When this fails, it is advised to pair the devices once more.

Signal LEDs
The explosion proof keyboard is equipped with several Signal Leds. These LEDs indicate: low battery, charging modus (you may never charge the device in an ATEX Zone), Scroll Lock (enables to scroll without a mouse, using the up, down, left and right arrow keys), Num Lock, Bluetooth, Power (on/off) and finally, caps lock.


Usage guide:
Pairing Instructions
The Ex Keyboard is compatible with almost any current device that supports Bluetooth functionality. Pairing the device may be done within the hazardous area. Be sure to only pair to ATEX Zone 2 devices in the hazardous area. The ATEX Keyboard can also be paired with non-ATEX devices. Please do not do this in a hazardous area.

Please follow these steps to pair the device:

1. Hold the Power button (top left) until the LED starts flashing red. This means your device has turned on.
2. Press down on the Bluetooth key until the LED starts flashing blue. The Ex Keyboard is now in pairing mode.
3. Open the settings menu on your pc/tablet/phone
4. Select the Bluetooth menu on your pc/tablet/phone
5. Put your device in discovery mode.
6. Select “iKey Bluetooth Keyboard” from the list of available devices
7. If prompted with a code, enter it on the Armadex keyboard, after that, press Enter
8. Your keyboard should now be paired and ready for use. Move your cursor and type where you want to. Please note that the keyboard does not come with a trackpad. Touch functionality or an external mouse is required.

Charging instructions


Never charge the Explosion Proof Keyboard in an ATEX Zone / hazardous area. The Micro USB cable that comes with the BT-Key-01 may be plugged into the back of the keyboard. The USB may be plugged into a computer. This maybe a laptop or desktop pc. Both USB 2.0 and 3.0 work as intended. The charging LED indicator will light up in an orange color. Once the device is fully charged the LED will turn off. A completely empty keyboard takes 5 hours to recharge all the way.

You may turn off the keyboard using the power button when it is not in use. This saves more power than utilizing the built-in sleep mode. The red LED will flash, indicating that the device has shut off successfully. Please note that the device will need to be paired again once you turn it back on.


The Ex-M ATEX Keyboard comes with a 1 year warranty. Defective items shall be shipped to Armadex, where they will be inspected. If it is plausible that the product is defective due to a manufacturing error, the keyboard will be replaced free of charge. If it is likely that the Ex keyboard was defected under normal use circumstances, it will be replaced as well.



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