Artidor AR-051 Split Systems air conditioner

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Artidor's AR-051 explosion-safe air conditioners are based on the Toshiba range of air conditioners and are made to safely ensure a good climate in an area where a release of gas, vapor or mist could possibly cause an explosive atmosphere (Zone 2). The units are widely used in office spaces, offshore temporary living quarters, crane cabins and at the storage of chemicals and flammable substances.

Artidor AR-051


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The Airconditioner

Depending on the required power, a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted indoor unit can be selected. Duct or cassette model indoor units can also be supplied on request. Multisplit versions are also among the extensive options.

The explosion-safe AR-051 air conditioners are based on the Toshiba RAV range of air conditioners.

The AR-051 Artidor air conditioners are explosion-safe and certified in accordance with European directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX 114) and are CE marked. The systems can consist of a combination of explosion-safe and non-explosion-safe units, depending on the zoning of the area where the units are placed. During the conversion of the units to explosion-safe, the greatest possible attention is given to the maintainability and ease with which the units can be installed. The functionality remains completely intact.

For placement in a corrosive environment, a number of corrosion-resistant versions are available with factory coated condenser fins and copper tubing and additional coating of the sheet steel plating. Standard units can also be provided with an additional protective coating. In addition to Toshiba's systems, we can also convert systems from other manufacturers to explosion-safe. Ask for the possibilities.


 Artidor AR-051 Datasheet

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