Atex camera zone 0 - ESPO 6 - HD Powered sollution

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HD Powered sollution

Atex camera zone 0 - ESPO 6 - HD Powered sollution

A complete and extremely robust camera system for transmission of a video signal from inside Ex-zone 0 to zone 1. The system can be used to monitor the inside of pipelines, tanks, silos, chemical production, waste and other hazardous process during production, inspection and cleaning. The system can also be used for monitoring and event control. 

• Unique – Ex-zone 0 
• Includes a powerful integrated LED light 
• HD resolution 
• Display unit – Ex zone 1 
• High ingress protect for camera IP68 
• Submersible in Crude oil (25 meters, 2 hours) 
• Battery powered with up to 8h lifetime 

The system comprises two parts: the Ex-zone 0 camera and the control box with display in zone 1.  
The camera is mounted in a stainless steel enclosure with a glass front and is powered by an intrinsically safe power supply. As standard the unit is equipped with a wide-angle lens and a high intensity LED light. 
The control box is located outside the hazardous area. It supplies the camera with intrinsically safe power and controls the light intensity, various outputs are available for various applications. 

*For more info see the Techspec below.




This video was recorded in the manufacture their lab. 30cm between camera and water surface.   (water surface with foam)

The lab was pitch dark, without any external light source

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