Atex safety gate

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At Intrepid Safety Products we offer the only TÜV-tested safety gate in the world. A TÜV-certification means the product has been tested for safety and has met all the requirements. An easy-to-use safety gate closes guardrail openings. We believe this is the most efficient and durable way to protect employees from accidental falls

ATEX safety gate  

Which 2 characteristics are needed for a good safety gate ?

Must be strong enough to catch a person falling
Must return to the closed position


There arne many benefits to using our swing gates. But, there is only one thing that matters: you need a gate that works and guarantees safety! The intrepid safety gate is reliable, maintenance-free and at a low cost. We solve your problem once and for all. First see and then believe.


  • Gate automatically closes by gravity
  • Returns closed when released
  • Design does not depend on springs, cams, bearings or the operator
  • Gate has a horizontal swing, not a vertical drop
  • Available in four sizes: opening (mm/inch) between posts specifies size.

UDG-22 (22"/560 mm)

UDG-27 (27"/690 mm)

UDG-32 (32"/820 mm)

UDG-37 (37"/950 mm)




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