Smart-Ex® 03 DZ1: Intrinsically safe 5G smartphone for Atex Zone 1/21 & DIV 1

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The new Smart-Ex® 03 smartphone sets the basis for future-oriented digital application scenarios in hazardous areas

With the intrinsically safe Smart-Ex® 03, Pepperl+Fuchs presents a 5G and Wi-Fi 6 ready smartphone. In the 6-inch Android smartphone, Pepperl+Fuchs combines its global, customer-oriented support with the know-how of its subsidiaries ECOM Instruments as a pioneer in intrinsically safe mobile devices and Aava Mobile as an expert in industrial tablets and wireless technology.

Smart-Ex® 03 DZ1: Intrinsically safe 5G smartphone for Atex Zone 1/21 & DIV 1 


The Next Level of Digitalization in Hazardous Areas

Introducing the Smart-Ex 03, an innovative smartphone designed to revolutionize communication and digital workflows in hazardous environments. This cutting-edge device covers major 5G/4G/3G/2G cellular public and private networks worldwide, making it the ideal choice for use in areas with an increased risk of explosion in Zone 1/21 / DIV 1, Zone 2/22 & DIV 2, and mining operations.

Tailored to meet diverse requirements, the Smart-Ex 03 excels in various applications, including communication, digital workflows, work order management, operational safety, scanning, asset management, predictive maintenance, augmented reality applications, and IoT integration. It offers a comprehensive solution for every use case.

The smartphone's camera is specifically optimized to meet industry standards, delivering precise and optimal results even in harsh environments or bright sunlight. Whether for scanning, documenting, or video conferencing, the camera ensures exceptional performance.

By deploying the Smart-Ex 03, mobile workers in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, energy, and mining gain access to a future-proof smartphone that aligns with Pepperl+Fuchs' enterprise mobility concept. This device enhances operational efficiency, reduces digitization costs, and empowers businesses to embrace the future of technology in hazardous areas.



Technical Data

The intrinsically safe and Push-To-Talk ready smartphone meets the high specifications for Android Enterprise Recommended, meeting the highest requirements for business use and security.

What's more, thanks to Google ARCore, the Smart-Ex® 03 enables state-of-the-art augmented reality applications. And last but not least, up to 128GB of internal memory provides ample capacity for all the digital documents and records that mobile workers need on the move.



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